Not That She's Bitter, Norman's Ex Offers Analysis of Golfer's Split With Evert

It's hard to make a celebrity marriage work. Golfing great Greg Norman and tennis great Chris Evert made it only 15 months before they separated last week. And this weekend, Norman's ex, Laura Andrassy, who last year scored a $120 million settlement in the divorce, gave a wide-ranging interview to an Australian newspaper. Some choice excerpts:

"It was the way it was done. The way it was handled. The whole thing was strange. They say opposites attract.

Here were two people very much alike -- high profile and narcissistic people -- and that would make a relationship difficult."

Another factor that may have strained the relationship: Both Andrassy and Evert's ex, Andy Mills, have homes in South Florida, just like Norman and Evert, who have places in Palm Beach and Boca Raton, respectively. Andrassy told the newspaper that she and Mills have become "close friends" -- bonding, it seems, over their mutual contempt for their exes.

Also availing herself of the Australian press, Andrassy's mother, also named Laura. She said that her two grandchildren clashed with Evert:

"They didn't like her at all," Laura Andrassy Sr. said.

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