Note to Charlie Crist: In Making Case to Party's Right Wing, Best to Avoid Quoting Daily Kos

Anxious to break Marco Rubio's momentum in their Senate race, Charlie Crist gave one of those "wide-ranging" interviews to the St. Petersburg Times yesterday, during which he invoked the sacred ancient text of The Gipper:

I believe in Reagan's 11th Commandment -- thou shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican -- but I also think you need to be honest and truthful and make sure that before people go to the ballot box they have a good opportunity to be well-informed.

To that end, Crist reminded voters he's against abortion, for families and anti-tax. All that delicious red meat, but then Charlie admitted to reading a website that's supposed to be blocked on his computer:

"I don't know what else you're supposed to be, except maybe angry too,'' Crist said, noting a Daily Kos poll

that found Rubio leading among Florida Republicans who doubt President Obama was born in America.

He has a state to run this year, a Senate seat to win next year, yet Crist still finds time for his Daily Kos? Someone confiscate Chuck's Tivo -- enquiring minds want to know whether he watches Rachel Maddow instead of Glenn Beck.

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