Note to "Distressed" Dinnen: No More Tears

From this morning's Sun-Sentinel

Meanwhile, board member Maureen Dinnen lost her composure Tuesday when talking about the grand jury report. She called it serious but said some of the report "bordered on gossip and hearsay."

Dinnen began to cry after she said she had had no part in any of the misdeeds but had seen herself referred to as "corrupt" on blogs.

"That really distresses me," she said before choking up. 

I'm not sure of what exactly blog post Dinnen is referring to, but one thing is certain: She should be distressed, not about words on a blog but about her own deeds during the past several years. 

Questions for Dinnen: 

-- Did you vote to put off doing the plant survey so the board could continue the unnecessary building spree being pushed by lobbyists and contractors that wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayers' dollars?  

-- Did you vote along with the rest of the derelict board as it dug itself $2 billion in debt, literally singing and dancing with Superintendent Jim Notter as you sold taxpayers down the river?  

-- Did you run a bogus nonprofit for superlobbyist Neil Sterling called "Floridians for Quality Education"? Nice name, but wasn't it set up with the idea of squeezing 

more tax dollars out of the public to keep the building boom alive? And didn't you hold meetings with school leaders in Sterling's office in downtown Fort Lauderdale?

-- When School Board activist Charlotte Greenbarg had the guts to criticize the School Board after the Ashbritt audit was released, did you not kick her off the school board's Audit Committee

We know all the answers are "yes," but we'd still love for you, Ms. Dinnen, to answer them. You put your perceived political career -- which you believed depended on cozy relationships with lobbyists like Sterling and the business crowd that tried to comfort you at yesterday's meeting -- above the interests of the taxpayers. You became a wheel on the semitrailer of corruption running roughshod over the public. 

Please, spare us your tears and do something that would really show you care about Broward County's public schools: Tender your resignation. 

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