Notter May Not Remember, but Document Doesn't Lie



When Kraft was applying pressure on school board staff to put the $500,000 fee break for the Chaits on the July 24, 2007 agenda, staffers already smelled something fishy. That's why then school Growth Management Director Chris Akagbosu wrote a memo on July 23, 2007, detailing all the suspicious events that had occurred regarding the item. And Akagbosu at the time apparently didn't even know that Kraft's husband, Mitch, was being paid by the Chaits to get the half-million dollar fee reduction done.

Akagbosu included in his memo to Facilities Management Director Tom Coates the fact that Stephanie Kraft had written an email on behalf of the developers to make sure the item was put on the agenda. In the memo, Akagbosu wrote that at the same time Garretson told him that he needed to put the item on the agenda because of pressure from above.

He reported that on July 11:

"[Garretson] personally advises [Akagbosu] about the [Kraft] email and indicates that the Superintendent [Jim Notter] and Board Member Kraft requested that the item should be scheduled for the July 24 [board meeting]."

Okay, so back in 2007 in the thick of the original controversy we have evidence that Garretson told a school board official that he needed to put the item on the agenda because Supt. Notter had requested him to do it. Why would Garretson, who had no dog in the fight other than wanting to please his own bosses, lie to Akagbosu about Notter putting on the pressure for Kraft?

Answer: Garretson wouldn't.

Maybe Akagbosu's memo will help jog Notter's faulty memory because the bottom line is that Notter needs to come clean on what happened instead of hiding behind memory problems. Then he should resign.

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