Notter's Fans

The Miami Herald's Hannah Sampson writes about a love-fest involving interim Supt. Jim Notter during a public meeting that occurred yesterday.

The first man quoted is Dorsey Miller.

''I don't think there's anybody in America at this particular time who is more capable or better prepared to serve as superintendent than Jim Notter,'' said Dorsey Miller, the district's former director of diversity programs.

Later in the article Miller says he hopes Notter will place more of an emphasis on diversity. To understand what Dorsey Miller means by "diversity," read this little ditty. He's a guy that you really don't want running around praising you. Jeb Bush, after all, decided not to reappoint him to the North Broward Hospital District board. (But hey, a state grand jury cleared him of criminal wrongdoing in the end, so he's still a fine and upstanding citizen by Broward County standards).

Look, the school board is going to have five of these dog-and-pony shows. And it's just an attempt to renege on a promise to do a national search and bring some untainted new blood into the district that could upset the political machine that cares more about special interests than it does about taxpayers or students.

And the sad thing: It's going to work.

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