Noun, Verb Marco Rubio: Giuliani Slams Crist, Hits Talk Show Circuit for Rubio

Gotta love how Fox & Friends skips the pleasantries and fires away with the tough question to Rudy Giuliani about whether his endorsement of Marco Rubio is payback for Charlie Crist's treachery in 2008.

And yet, by the eager way he answered the question, it's almost like Giuliani told Fox & Friends to send that question right down the middle of the plate, so he could tell Florida what a back-stabbing jerk it's got for a governor.

Giuliani is a bit of a weasel in his own right, but the story he tells about Crist is pretty consistent with what we've learned about the tan man. It's all about who can help Team Charlie make it to the next office. By the time he double-crossed Giuliani, he'd also betrayed Jeb Bush -- and God knows how many other Republicans who helped advance his political career.

Still, it's hard to imagine Crist making those kinds of decisions without consulting his "maestro," George LeMieux, currently enjoying a seat in the Senate that Crist gift-wrapped for him last August. My sense is that Crist's personality isn't strong enough for such bold, ruthless gestures, that he needs a guy like LeMieux to tell him it's fair and righteous. I suspect there's a dynamic between Crist and LeMieux like there was between George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

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