Nova Will Stop Doing Business With Primate Products

Nova Southeastern University in Davie will no longer do business with Primate Products, the controversial animal research facility in Doral, according to the

Animal Rights Foundation of Florida


After the release of several disturbing photos depicting monkeys with serious injuries, local activists approached university officials about Nova's relationship with Primate Products.

An administrator admitted the school has purchased monkeys from the facility for a research project funded by the National Institute of Health, says Don Anthony, ARFF spokesperson.

"They informed us that they will not be working with that facility in the future," Anthony says. Calls to


were not immediately returned.

"They've chosen not to be associated with the disturbing, bloody photos," Anthony says. "We're glad they came to this decision. There's no reason any research should be using live animals."

Last week, the USDA announced it will conduct a special investigation of Primate Products.

Anthony dismisses claims that animal research provides important scientific knowledge and leads to better medicines.

Animal rights advocates say 90 percent of universities in America no longer use live animals to train medical students. "That includes Yale and Harvard," Anthony says. "If this type of research was so vital, like some people claim, everyone would be doing it. But they're not."

Local activists say they will continue protesting Primate Products -- and the home of President Donald Bradford -- until the facility closes down.

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