Now Ann Coulter Warns About "Radiological Danger"?

Now, this isn't exactly a new Coulterian utterance, but it is a remarkable one. Remember last month, when Ann Coulter put her foot in her mouth by claiming to know more about radiation than physicists? Remember how she claimed that nobody died of radiation poisoning as a result of the Chernobyl meltdown? Remember how she accused liberals of being scare-mongering anti-science crazy people because they object to flooding vast populated areas with radioactive dust? Remember her claims that the Japanese are lucky, because ionizing radiation is good for you?

Oh, excellent! I'm glad you remember it. Because that'll make the following video a lot more hilarious.

This video, shot last year, features Ann Coulter speaking with Sean Hannity about airline security. She's all for profiling, she says (and hey, so aren't a lot of us!), but dead-set against the new TSA scanners. Why? Because they pose a "radiological danger."

Many thanks to CMalone, at

Because I Said So

, for spotting the inconsistency.

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