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Numerous KFC Stores Shutting Down Across Broward

Finger lickin' gone?

Information is sketchy right now, but reports are coming in that Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants at more than 20 locations in Broward County are being shut down as I type this.

The only confirmed shutdown so far is at the KFC at 815 Hallandale Beach Boulevard. I called the store moments ago and was told that the restaurant had been closed. When asked when it would open the woman asnwering the phone said, "I don't know," and promptly hung up the phone.

I heard Colonel Sanders frowned on that kind of customer service.

The shutdowns are tied to GE Capital, which made a loan to a major South Florida KFC franchisee. It appears the loan may have gone into default, prompting the GE's financial arm to come down and confiscate the stores' equipment. 

UPDATE: Got GE Capital spokesman Ned Reynolds on the phone and he said: "I'm not going to comment on that right now because it involves active litigation and we generally don't comment on active litigation."

UPDATE II: Just got off the phone with KFC central up in the Bluegrass State and KFC spokeswoman Laurie Schalow put out this statement: "KFC Corporation is not involved in this litigation which we believe is between the franchisee and one of its lenders."

More coming on this one.

In the meantime, inside see photos of -- er, I mean, read about -- Modern Family star Sofia Vergara, girlfriend of massively wealthy South Florida politician Nick Loeb.

Since I started the Pulp, I've somehow been getting on more and more lists of public relations folks looking for me to pimp their stuff. Usually I delete them before even taking a look, but Shape magazine recently sent one that has some news interest in South Florida.

In a cover story on Sofia Vergara, the Latina beauty talks a bit about her relationship with trust fund baby Nick Loeb, who has run for and lost in his bids for the state Senate (which he quit during a divorce after spending $23 million of his own money) last year and the Delray Beach Commission in 2005. Loeb you may remember was in a terrible car crash in Los Angeles that broke his leg, his pelvis, and gashed his chest. He has since sued the city saying the road he was driving on was a "concealed trap."  From the Shape interview:

About a year ago, Sofia started dating Florida politician, Nick Loeb, and six months later, they had their first big test as a couple. Nick was in a terrible car accident that left him temporarily unable to walk.

"It was hard for us because it happened in the middle of the most fun, sexy time," says Sofia. "And then he was in the hospital, and you know men, they become such little babies!"

But throughout the whole ordeal, Nick never once got depressed, in fact, quite the opposite. "He kept his sense of humor despite the situation," says Sofia. "I don't know if I could have stuck it out with him if he hadn't been able to laugh at himself and be happy even under the worst conditions. When you see people in difficult times, that's when their true nature comes out."

Now Loeb, a Republican, is talking about a U.S. Senate run in Florida against Bill Nelson. You have to give Loeb credit, at least when he loses politically, he does it upward.  

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