Nurse Who Was a Drag Queen Hears Support From Local Families

Ray Fetcho has been reinstated as a nurse, but those who knew the former drag queen are still baffled that his license was challenged in the first place. People like Joe Adams, a Davie man who came to know Fetcho as the caretaker of Adams' 84-year-old mother.

"For my mom, he was a godsend," says Adams of Fetcho. "He's just the most gentle, caring, loving, happy person you'll meet -- and he practically ran the place."

That place is Victoria Villas in Davie, a facility that specializes in caring for Alzheimer's patients and where Fetcho worked for some 34 years. He was fired after a supervisor learned that Fetcho was charged with a misdemeanor for judging a wet underwear contest -- during the Ford administration.

About four years ago, when Adams was placing his mother at Victoria Villas, he ran a bit of a background check of his own on Fetcho. "If you Google his name, it's clear that this is Tiny Tina," says Adams of Fetcho's celebrated alter ego. "I thought it was kind of interesting."

The rest of Adams' family knew too. It didn't bother them either. "All we cared about was that the guy took great care of my mother," he says.

Since his unceremonious departure from Victoria Villas, Fetcho has landed work at another assisted living facility in Coconut Creek. If Fetcho files suit, it sounds like he'll have plenty of fans in the cheering section.

Adams sent a letter to Fetcho's attorney, Fort Lauderdale's Norm Kent, "and I let him know that if he needs a character witness [for Fetcho], I'd be happy to give testimony."

Here's some video from CBS4 of a Tiny Tina performance.

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