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Obama Buys $13 Million in Florida TV Time, Romney Citing Florida Woes

We've already the political ads flowing in, but there are about to be a lot more: As part of a huge $77 million ad buy, the reelection campaign of President Barack Obama has allocated about $13.3 million to Florida ads that are set to start running today, according to CNN. His total media spending in this election now sits at a ridiculous $190 million.

Republican opponent Mitt Romney, for his part, released a new Florida-centric ad yesterday attacking Obama on, uh, something about how terrible it is to be in Florida.

"Four years ago, Barack Obama was concerned about Florida's economy," the ad says. "But under President Obama, [there is] 8.6 percent unemployment, record foreclosures, six hundred thousand more Floridians in poverty... He focused on Obamacare instead of jobs. Barack Obama: what a disappointment."

As we've explained before, yes, Florida's unemployment rate is bad -- but it was way, way worse. It was at around 11 percent when Gov. Rick Scott took office -- it's down more than 21 percent since then, to a (still pretty lousy) 8.6 percent now. There are always ways for other people to accept or revoke credit for good news, but "focusing on Obamacare" is likely not the reason Floridians lost their jobs.

What's Romney's plan, anyway? A study this week found his "tax plan" would be a massive hike on everybody except -- you guessed it -- the rich folks. He can complain about the middle class all he wants, but the Republicans haven't been doing anything to help and his plan to help is to make them pay more taxes. Maybe Romney is the one who should be buying up some more ads: The latest Q poll has him behind 51-45 in Florida.

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