Obama Coming to Hollywood; You Can Attend for a Mere Giant Pile of Cash

The LGBT Leadership Council is hosting an "LGBT Campaign Briefing and Reception" at Hollywood's Westin Diplomat Hotel, and you can still grab a ticket. Indeed, you can see President Barack Obama, the leader of the free world and famous Kenyan socialist, for the rock-bottom price of $2,500.

Though a deadline isn't mentioned on Obama's website, organizers said registrations are due by Thursday to allow time for Secret Service security checks. You can RSVP (with a credit card, of course) at the event page on the Obama campaign site. If you pony up $10,000 instead, you get listed as a host.

South Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, also chair of the Democratic National Committee, will be there too.

Obama's swing through Broward and Palm Beach has two other stops that day -- a private fundraiser in Golden Beach ($15 grand per plate) and another in Palm Beach Gardens for $20,000 a head, or $50,000 for the VIP reception, according to the Miami Herald.

I guess you can't raise $157 million -- more than the entire remaining Republican field -- by having free speeches at Wings Plus.

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