Obama Got It All Wrong With California Attorney General; Florida Attorney General Is Way Hotter

President Barack Obama called California Attorney General Kamala Harris on Thursday night to apologize for calling her "by far the best-looking attorney general in the country" during a Democratic National Committee fundraiser on Thursday afternoon in Atherton, California.

And rightly so.

Obama should apologize.

Because everyone in their right damn mind knows that Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is by far the best-looking attorney general in the country!

Sure, she's a GOPer, is vehemently against the expansion of Medicare and is BFFs with Sarah Palin. But that just makes her all the hotter, Mr. President.

There's fire under all that close-minded nutty conservativeness!


Bondi inexplicably dressed as an airline stewardess (that's right, stewardess, because she's a broad)? Awwww yeeahhh... We'll take a double of whatever you're serving, sweetheart. Our tip? A slap on the ass and an invite to the mile high club, natch.

It's only right  that Pam would be on Fox News. Because she's a stone cold fox. Amerite, fellas?

Look at that highlighter. That highlighter is the luckiest highlighter in the world. Fuckin' highlighter. I hate you, highlighter!

Hey girl, lemme show you how I filibuster....

Hope you're looking at all the awkward white men smiling in suits, because we can't keep our eyes off the legs...

So get it right, Obummer.

Kamala Harris is pretty and all.

But she's got nothing on our Crazy Hot Pam. And we mean crazy and hot both literally and figuratively.

Next time you visit Florida, you best remember that. Got it, Flirter In Chief??

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