Obama Over The Mama

I may not be a superdelegate, but that doesn't mean I can't have an opinion. Since the Democratic primaries began I must confess that opinion has switched more than few times between Barack and Hillary. With Clinton's victory in Pennsylvania, the Big Mo is swinging her way.

But I've decided to go with Obama.

I could go into all the arguments, but what clinched my choice was Clinton's rotten campaigning. She questioned whether Obama would push the button at 3 a.m. She pandered to the Red Staters who hate her guts when Obama spoke the truth about rural America's ignorance and gun-clinging ways. She even complimented John McCain -- the ultimate foe for Democrats -- while trying to slam Obama.

Disgusting stuff. Typical middle-of-the-road bullshit from the Clintons, too. They try to play it in a way to make just enough people happy to get elected. Yeah, well, right now Americans don't need to be assuaged. And they don't need to be scared into more of a bunker mentality, either. They need to be kicked hard in the ass. Then they need to get down on their knees and ask for penance for Iraq, Wall Street, and for all the other sins of the Bush Administration for which they are complicit. Then they need to get up and start fixing this fucking rogue nation for the better.

Goddamn America, indeed.

I have my doubts about Obama. Never been sure he's strong enough or experienced enough to fulfill even half the wild promise his most rabid supporters see in him. Too often he seems to be on cruise control, letting his silver tongue get him by without really meaning anything. But his response to the overhyped Rev. Wright controversy was frank and refreshing. His remarks about Red State bitterness was provocative. He will definitely raise the IQ of this place. And, who knows, he might be able to save it, too.

You can't say the same about Hillary Clinton.

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