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Obama Says Romney "Shoots First, Aims Later"

Yesterday we told you about how one RoboRomney seized the opportunity of the attacks on Libya that left Chris Stevens and other U.S. diplomats dead to pounce on Obama's terrorist-coddling, apologetic ways by attacking a statement Obama never actually made.

Well, it turns out, the president watches the news (or maybe he's a secret fan of The Pulp! Hi, Mr. President!), because he responded to Mittington's comments.

Obama's characterization of Romney: "Shoot first, ask questions later."

We would've gone with smarmy, rich, out-of-touch douchebag. But that one works too.

CBS News showed a preview of the 60 Minutes interview in which Obama laid down the smack with his silky-smooth Basketball Jones style (you can see it here).

"There's a broader lesson to be learned here," Obama says of Romney's comments. "Governor Romney has a tendency to shoot first and aim later. And, as president, one of the things I've learned is you can't do that."

The subtly of the "there's a broader lesson to be learned here" can't be overlooked. In one short comment, Obama went all, You need to learn a few things before you play with the big boys, guy.

And then came the Velvet Thunder:

"It's important that you make statements that are backed up by the facts."

Swish. Nothin' but net.

Interestingly, Obama used this same wording when describing his 2008 opponent, John McCain.

In talking about a speech McCain gave on the campaign trail in August of '08, Obama said, "We can't have the same kind of shoot first and aim second in our foreign policy. We've got to have some kind of judgment in our foreign policy.'"

[emphasis ours]

Yesterday, Susan Rice, Obama's foreign-policy adviser, told reporters: "[Romney's] tendency is to shoot first and ask first questions later. It is dangerous, and we can't afford four more years of this reckless foreign policy."

So to recap: Romney is an impulsive moron who stepped in a big pile of political shit by trying to act like John Wayne and spewing nonsense without having real facts behind his statement.

Also, Obama needs to work on some new trash-talking material.

Every politician has his faults.

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