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Obama Seen As Being More Supportive of Small Businesses In Florida Than Romney, According to Poll

Do a Google Image search for "Obama and small business" and you'll get inundated with mindless memes harping on the president's "you didn't build that" comment. 

But a recent poll shows that 37 percent of small business owners in Florida see Obama as being more supportive of their ventures, compared with 34 percent who favored Romeny. Florida's numbers from the poll mirrored the national findings. 

Released by the George Washington University and Thumbtack.com, the survey polled slightly more than 6,000 small business owners nationwide. Now the groups have broken down the data for only Florida. 

Most of the findings from the Sunshine State aren't going to shock anyone: Jobs and the economy were the top concerns, while gas and fuel costs were considered bigger financial burdens on small businesses than Obama's health care reform. Nearly one-fifth of small businesses in Florida said they expect to benefit from health care reform. 

In a press release announcing the findings, Thumbtack.com wrote that "Surprisingly, however, ethics, honesty, and corruption in government rated as the second-most important issue for small businesses in Florida." We'll just assume that's because everyone is really tired of Rick Scott, our corrupt and dishonest Governor who's devoid of any ethical quality

The findings showed that businesses employing five or fewer people were likely to favor Obama, while those with more than five employees leaned toward Mittens. 

Hardly any small business owners in Florida care about taxes, social security, student loans and/or personal debt. 

We know Obama already has the local pizza vote on lock. Now who's going to step up and bear hug Romeny? 

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