Obama Supports Florida's Bid to Host Gay Games

Barack Obama is super down with The Gays.

And, in another showing of being so, he's thrown his support behind Florida's bid to host the 2018 Gay Games via a letter to the organizing committee.

The Gay Games have yet to pick a host nation for 2018.

Orlando joins London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Limerick, Ireland, in the running to host.

In his letter, Obama calls Orlando a "vibrant tourism industry" ideal for the games.

(see the letter after the jump)

As Outsports points out, Obama is the first president to show his support this way for an American city to host the Gay Games.

The Gay Games, which debuted in San Francisco in 1982 and is held every four years, brings in an average of 200,000 attendees -- including 14,000 athletes.

Of the nine games held, the United States has been host five times.

The 2014 games were held in Cleveland, which might make it tough for Orlando to win the bidding, unless the committee doesn't mind having the games hosted in the U.S. two consecutive times (the first two games were both hosted by San Fran).

But Obama's letter should carry weight. Orlando's Gay Games team is turning in their final bid on February 28.

We'll keep you posted on the results.

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