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Obama to Honor the Miami Heat for Being the Most Awesome Basketball Team on the Planet, Again

As you may recall, the Miami Heat completely obliterated the entire NBA last year en route to its second-consecutive championship (third overall for the franchise).

So, as is custom in this great nation of ours, the president of the United States of America will be honoring the Heat at the White House on Tuesday afternoon for being awesome.

While there, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and the boys will also pay a visit to wounded warriors from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, which is all kinds of coolness.

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The Heat are scheduled to meet with Barack Obama at 2:45 (EST) on Tuesday, where they'll listen to him make bad jokes and then present him with a jersey he'll never wear.

During last year's visit, the President had some fun at Mario Chalmers' expense, much to the delight of Heat Nation, when he reminded him how LeBron and the guys always yell at him.

He also revealed to the rest of the nation the magic mystery awesomeness that are Chris Bosh's videobombs, making it the only time in U.S. history when the word "bomb" was used in a fun way. Well, except for maybe during the Bush administration.

The best memory of last year's visit was LeBron's genuine excitement at meeting the President for the presentation, and saying, "We just want to thank you for the hospitality, for allowing us to be, I mean, in the White House. I mean, we're in the White House! I mean, we're kids from Chicago and Dallas, Texas, and Michigan and Ohio and South Dakota -- Miami. And we're in the White House right now. This is like, 'Hey, Mama, I made it!'"

It was a fun moment.

But none will ever be as fun, or give the world all the high-comedy moments, as when the 2006 Heat championship team visited then-President George W. Bush.

It's the most unintentional Saturday Night Live sketch ever.

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