Obamas: We'd Rather Be in Cleveland

Anyone else a little miffed that Barack and Michelle have chosen to go campaigning for health-care reform in Cleveland instead of South Florida? Is our health care not bad enough for you?

Even the Plain Dealer acknowledges that the president is  "us[ing] Cleveland as a backdrop to flog Congress into action." But we're even more flog-friendly. That Dartmouth health-care study that everyone's been talking about named Miami the worst health-care system in the U.S., at least based on the critical issue of cost. And judging by the interactive map, health care in Broward and Palm Beach is only marginally more affordable.

Or, with the many exotic attractions in Cleveland, maybe the Obamas are taking one of those "working" vacations. Which suggests our South Florida tourism boosters have failed us yet again. They need to start making slick videos like the one that must have lured the First Family, after the jump.

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