Octomom Says She's Not Stripping in South Florida Anymore; Thank You, CBS-12

In a revelation sure to put a dent in the stock prices of Florida barf bag manufacturers, Octomom Nadya Suleman has canceled her eight-show engagement at West Palm strip club T's Lounge, according to TMZ.

Suleman reportedly took exception to a WPEC interview in which T's employees said that Suleman is "a little crazy" for having so many kids and that "she's got a lot of mouths to feed so it was only a matter of time."
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Let this be a valuable lesson to you, strip club proprietors who read the Pulp: You can pay a woman to take her clothes off in your bar, no problem. But if one of your employees says she has too many kids, that is just too damned degrading to stomach.

T's Lounge owner Gary Odle, however, tells Jose Lambiet over at Gossip Extra that this isn't settled yet:

"I read and reread the contract," he said, "and the only way she would be allowed not to show up is if she doesn't get paid. Obviously, that hasn't happened yet."

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