Octomom To Be Sued For Keeping Her Clothes On

South Florida let out a collective "buhhhhh" when we found out "Octomom" Nadya Suleman was scheduled for a five-night stripping engagement at T's Lounge in West Palm Beach. Well, Suleman heard that buhhhhh, along with a few mildly insulting statements made by random T's Lounge employees on local TV, and she canceled.

You'd think that would cut the T's Lounge Octomom hullabaloo short prematurely -- but now, according to TMZ, they're going to sue her.

From a letter T's Lounge lawyers reportedly sent to Suleman's managers:

Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, Ms. Suleman had the right to cancel the Agreement provided that she gave my client thirty-five (35) days written notice. As of this date [June 14], my client has not received any notification from Ms. Suleman. My client did receive notification from a representative of Lee Network; however, said notification was received on the thirty-sixth (36th) day. Therefore, said notice is invalid.

Ouch -- missed the deadline by one day. (Though that would probably make it the 34th day, not the 36th.)

The lawyer claims Suleman's contract includes a provision that requires, if she doesn't show, for her to reimburse the club for travel expenses, advertising, and the costs of replacement.

TMZ quotes Suleman's rep saying this wasn't going to change her mind about bailing on the deal, which means we might get a silly lawsuit out of this -- which, let's face it, is way more interesting than a mother of 14 taking her shirt off for a payday.


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