Octomom to Go Topless at West Palm Strip Club

Update, again: T's Lounge has threatened to sue Suleman if she doesn't show.

Update: She's reportedly changed her mind. Go figure.

Last time we heard about government-mooching fetus factory Nadya "Octomom" Suleman, she was a contender in a rumored celebrity boxing match in Fort Lauderdale that, like every other rumored celebrity boxing match in Fort Lauderdale, never happened. But she's hooked up with another South Florida business entity, and it looks like next month we'll be seeing her -- a lot of her.

Suleman will be appearing topless at T's Lounge Palm Beach, doing two shows a night July 11 through 15, according to TMZ. I called T's this morning to confirm -- unfortunately, people rarely answer the phones at strip clubs before 9 a.m.

Their website, however, provides a little insight into the place -- the slogan at the top of the site is "More than just a gentlemens club, it's a fuckin party!" and the welcome page says T's Lounge is "where all your creams come true." In other words, it's the perfect venue for a mother of 14 with no money.

Its events calendar doesn't have any mention of Suleman, and its Facebook and Twitter accounts are likewise lacking in pub for the event. Maybe they want it to be a surprise?

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