Off Day at the Pulp, Adler Goes AWOL, BSO Morale Problems

OK, kidzzzzz, I'm out of pocket today, so thought I would put up a comment cleaner, especially if anything big broke. 

Two things to ponder: I hear that former Scott Rothstein partner Russell Adler canceled three depositions scheduled for this week in the Larry Seidlin civil case. Is something up? Just FYI: Sources have told me that the action was going to start after Villegas pleaded guilty.

The other: Amid massive announced layoffs at BSO, why is high-ranking $133,000 BSO Finance Director Bill MacDonald allowed to retain his wife, Diane, as his administrative assistant at $59,000 a year? That's a husband-and-wife duo who are making nearly $200,000 a year on the public dime while deputies are being unceremoniously dropped like bad fruit. Note to Sheriff Al Lamberti: It's inequities like that that really cause morale in your agency to sink deep into the latrine. 


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