Oh, Snap! George LeMieux Compares Marco Rubio's Campaign to Obama's (Which Was Victorious)

In Washington, D.C., the St. Petersburg Times politics blog Buzz button-holed Sen. George LeMieux, who's holding that seat for his benefactor, Charlie Crist. Here's what LeMieux had to say about young, handsome, impeccably conservative Marco Rubio, who's been hammering Crist over supporting the federal stimulus:

It's very easy to be a critic, and the speaker now is not in office. He wasn't there when the state was facing the challenges of the huge recession and the stimulus. He didn't have to vote on that. All of the folks that were in his administration voted for the stimulus money.

And I suspect if he were there, he could vote for it. This is just like President Obama being able to be against the war in Iraq because he didn't have to vote on it. There's a lot of parallels to draw between Speaker Rubio and President Obama in the way they are running their race and in their ability to throw bombs without ever having to lead because they are out of office.

Boy, Rubio's really gotten under their skin, hasn't he? Also, are we really comparing a vote to authorize the Iraq War with a vote for the federal stimulus? In any case, Crist and LeMieux are now squarely on their heels and are showing no signs of being able to slow Rubio's momentum. This will be fun.

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