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Ohmygod, Grandma, Do Not Rap When the NY Times Reporter Is Around!

They're still working on destroying Obama's health-care plan, but in the opening moments of this New York Times video,  Sunrise seniors dealt a death blow to hip-hop. Chilling video here.

The accompanying article is set in the massive Sunrise Lakes retirement community, and the writer remarks at how that area voted overwhelmingly for Obama but that many of the seniors are now second-guessing that vote based on their dread of his health-care plan.

The last time I was at Sunrise Lakes, it was during the final days of the Democratic primary, and the seniors showed up en masse for a Hillary Clinton lovefest. For the Obama administration, it's a shame the secretary of state can't take a break from diplomacy to shore up support for Obama's health-care plan. Her own plan was different from Obama's in important ways, but with the campaign over, I suspect she'd grudgingly admit that the Democrats' plan is at least an improvement over the status quo. And nobody but nobody can mask their lukewarm enthusiasm more convincingly than the Clintons. That's the company that Sunrise Lakes seniors are really pining for.

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