Okay, Now I'm Scared

Broward County Mayor Ben Graber just led a press conference from the emergency management building in Plantation. It was startling, not because of the blah-blah-blah that was uttered, but Graber's tremorous, almost breathless delivery. Graber was clearly nervous -- and that does nothing to instill confidence in the populous. It almost made you wish for Commissioner Ilene Lieberman, the dragon lady whose emotionless Big Nurse-style delivery was effective in times of crisis. Other highlights: School Board Chairman Ben Williams useless introduction of Superintendent Frank Till. Shameless politics people. And then there was Ken Jenne, who hasn't been in the public eye much for some strange reason. It looks like the sheriff has a lost lot of weight. Guess that's the upside of a federal investigation. If you followed it, the man got steadily fatter the more corrupt he became, so the probe couldn't have come at a better time, health-wise.

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