Oklahoma City Tornado Pets Up For Adoption in Boca

Get ready for the most tragedy-turned-crazy-adorable story you'll read all day!

Following the devastating tornado that hit Oklahoma City last week, animal shelters from the area sent 80 pets in need of homes to the TriCounty Humane Society in Boca.

The animals were brought to South Florida to make room for animals left homeless after the tornado.

Six employees from the Palm Beach County Humane Society traveled to OKC to help bring back the animals in need back to Boca.

Their trip and photos of the animals they rescued was documented on their Facebook page.

The workers had to make the entire trek via two white vans with paw prints emblazoned on the side, traveling from Palm Beach County to Oklahoma City, back to Boca. That's about a 2,000 mile, 22-hour road trip. Not to mention all the stops. People and animals need them bathroom breaks!

In all, they rescued 64 dogs and 16 cats, a little ragged from the ordeal, but otherwise unharmed or abused.

The employees then cleared space at the Boca shelter to make room for all 80 animals, which includes a 150-pound Great Dane.

The plan is to prep them for adoption in the next week.

The dogs will be up for adoption as early as this Saturday.

Contact the TriCounty Humane Society in Boca for more info at 561-482-8110, or visit their Facebook page.

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