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Olivia Newton-John Has Exorcism Performed at Her Jupiter Inlet Colony Mansion

Olivia Newton-John flew in a Catholic priest to conduct an exorcism at her Florida home after a man killed himself there last month.

Her main reason: So that potential buyers of her $5.6 million home won't use the ol' "This place is haunted!" and try to stiff her on the asking price, or walk out on buying it.

So, Newton-John's exorcism thing appears to be more of a business decision than a belief thing.

But, celebrities are weirdos who name their kids Bucket or AppleSauce, so who really knows?

On August 19, Christopher Pariseleti walked into the Jupiter Inlet Colony home owned by Newton-John, and killed himself with a self-inflicted gunshot.

The 41-year-old Pariseleti, who did not live in the home, or know Newton-John, was a contractor who was working on the house at the time. Newton-John and her husband, John Easterling, were out of town when Pariseleti killed himself.

Tequesta Fire Rescue responded to a shooting at the home at 104 Lighthouse Drive.

Actress/comedian Rosie O'Donnell reportedly had a contract to purchase the mansion, and that contract was to be signed the same week Pariseleti killed himself.

Reports had the sale of the home for $5.6 million, around $500,000 less than what Newton-John was asking for. O'Donnell had sold her Star Island mansion for $16.5 million back in June.

But, following the incident, O'Donnell backed out from buying the home.

Apparently, no one is interested in buying the house now after someone killed themselves there, even though the asking price has come down considerably.

Despite the star cutting the asking price for the home by $320,000, there are still reportedly no interested parties.

An Orlando estate agent said: 'Unfortunately there is a grim notoriety to the house and people are put off by that.

Whoever buys the home will always know that someone blew their brains out in there. It is not the nicest housewarming present.'

It really is a nice home, as you can see below. Jupiter Inlet Colony is a coastal community in Palm Beach with about 360 residents and 240 homes. Tiger Woods has a home there as well.

But the idea of plopping down millions to live in a house where a person shot themselves is off-putting. We're not sure an exorcist will cut it. Newton-John needs one of those memory erasers the Men In Black carry.

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