Olivia Sprauer, Stuart Teacher Fired for Nudie Pics, Now an "Entertainer" at West Palm Beach Strip Club

In May, Olivia Sprauer -- who now goes by Victoria Valentine James -- was fired from her teaching job at Martin County High School for doing photo shoots of herself half-naked.

Her termination struck a chord. She netted sweeping attention, got into the pages of the Daily Mail and Huffington Post, and was catapulted into the national modeling paragon.

Has all that now ended?

Now, Olivia Sprauer -- excuse us, Victoria -- is working as an "entertainer" at the Spearmint Rhino, according to a manager there. The manager, who declined to give his name, said she doesn't strip but entertains.

"I'm a cocktail waitress," Sprauer affirms over the telephone with New Times.

Hers was a story of a rapid rise to stardom. Three months ago, this mother of two girls was a rural high school English teacher and patronized places like Panera and coupons.com. Then -- in a matter of days -- the once-married woman was flying across the country, divorced, for modeling gigs and fielding calls from national media outlets.

Since, her life has taken a bit of a turn. Now, she urges people over Facebook to come visit her at the strip club: "If you want it, come and get..."

Before, she was "Twerking" in the classroom with students:

Now, she's sharing this NSFW video, which depicts her going down a slide, topless. She's shared it five times on Facebook -- three times yesterday -- but it's barely netted 1,000 views.

So the South Florida narrative arc is complete: All routes, no matter their origin, lead to the strip club.

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