On Anniversary of Unsolved Murder, Broward Sheriffs Detectives to Renew Call for Help

Wednesday marks the seven-year anniversary of the murder of Melissa Karp, a 17-year-old runaway whose body was found in the Everglades by a fisherman on August 19, 2002. Broward Sheriff's investigators are still trying to find the person who shot her to death, and tomorrow they're going to hold at a press conference with Melissa's father, Gary Karp, from Parkland.

A series of high-profile efforts in the past have failed to deliver a break in the case. According to a 2005 article in the Miami Herald, a philanthropist from Philadelphia, Joe Mammana, offered $100,000 for tips leading to the case being solved. America's Most Wanted also aired an episode about Karp's case.

BSO release is here.


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