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I'll be writing more about the infamous crusher handshake later, but a few people have asked me who I'm voting for (or would vote for if in a certain district). I got it a lot in the primary too. So I thought I'd go ahead and spit it out.

Don't call these endorsements. I would never endorse these people. Not a one.They the least reprehensible or the ones who I think will steal the least from us. That's all. I'm not a political wonk; I don't live and breathe this stuff though I try to stay informed. Like a lot of people I often go with my gut.

So here we go, in random order:


This is the easiest one of all. I could never cast a vote for Rick Scott. He has no history of public service and he's a known fraudster. What makes anyone think he won't loot Florida if elected? He talks a lot about jobs. What kind of jobs? What kind of benefits? He wants jobs here like Tom DeLay wanted jobs in the Northern Mariana Islands. His motto should be: Let's get to work ... fleecing Floridians. Don't believe me? Well, if he gets in let's watch and see.   

My vote: Alex Sink 

County Commission, District 4

Interesting local race pits Mayor Ken against Chip LaMarca and Chris Chiari. The problem with Keechl is that he had a chance and he blew it. When he knocked off Jim Scott four years ago he promised to provide ethical leadership on a full-time basis -- yet his leadership has been neither. He broke a promise not to betray Broward voters' will on the new courthouse. He looted his own campaign account for travel, rent, and wine after it was stuffed full by lobbyists, developers, and other special interests. Rather than counter the miserable example of Stacy Ritter and Ilene Lieberman, he rushed happily into their arms. Now he's hiding from the media, declining to stand up for himself on Michael Putney's television show and Issues. But what about his opponents. LaMarca left his post as chairman of the Broward Republican Party to take a shot at Keechl. He's also an elected commissioner in Lighthouse Point. Chris Chiari is someone who is talking about taking on corruption head-on, which you have to like. Chiari makes a great protest vote, but In my view it's time to get a little opposition party action on the county commission.

My vote: Chip LaMarca

Inside, see more votes. 

Amendment 4

The opposition to this amendment is coming chiefly from lobbyists, politicians, and developers. That's one reason to like it. Another is that it is a credible experiment in democracy designed to give the people more say on what their towns and cities look like. Don't be bullied into voting no by all that special interest money, join Carl Hiaasen, Lori Parrish and me (are we the only ones?) on supporting this amendment.

My vote: Yes.

U.S. Senate

This race to me is a true acid test for the Florida Democratic Party -- and it failed miserably. Think about it: Which party split itself into two here? It was the Republicans, with the most popular politician in the state, longtime GOPer Charlie Crist, breaking from party ranks to run as an independent. That should have opened the door for Kendrick Meek. And had the Democratic Party not folded like a raggedy lawn chair it would have done just that. Instead Democrats, not believing in their own, started lining up behind the former nemesis, Crist. Supposed Democratic leaders like Diane Glasser, before that, supported the fake Democrat Jeff Greene, a Republican slumlord from California. All you have to do is look at Mitch Ceasar and Karen Thurman to see it's a bankrupt party. That said, I can't vote for Marco Rubio because he'll jump right into the waiting limo of Mitch McConnell once he's up in D.C. And a vote for Crist is a vote thrown to the wind.

My vote: Kendrick Meek.

Amendment 8

I've already spoken on this one -- and it's a big one. This will free up much-needed money while having little effect on education. Click here if you want to read more.

My vote: Yes.

U.S. Congress, 22nd District

If Ron Klein loses this one, he can blame one person: Ron Klein. It's true that he's running against a bit of a right-wing phenomenon in Allen West, a controversial military veteran who promotes a war with Islam, urges people to arm themselves against the tyrannical American government, and has a habit of comparing Obama to Hitler. West is over the top -- and he's riding the Tea Party wave and a whole lot of GOP money to a possible victory. But it will be a close race and I'm convinced that if Klein had been more responsive to his constituents, he would win. He's a nowhere man, wholly uninspired and uninspiring. I don't think Klein realized that when you're in Congress you're on the clock 24-7, you're running for office all the time. That means you keep a strong presence in your district. He didn't. That said, I could never vote for a man who has come out against "Coexist" bumper stickers. Not gonna happen.

My vote (and this is really hard to do): Ron Klein.

School Board, District 4

Let's get one thing straight: This blog loves Dave Thomas, who is running against Jaemi Levine for criminally charged Stephanie Kraft's old seat.  Not because he looks like he'll be a good school board member but because he gives what we call call good copy. Between "Ivory Johnson," his political alliance with corrupt Kraft, and the crushing handshake (I'm convinced it happened -- whether it's a crime will be up to the authorities) has been a veritable blogging goldmine for the Pulp. But I've also become convinced that Thomas won't change a thing about the derelict school board. He'll fit in perfectly, which is a crying shame. Thomas says he can't tell Stephanie Kraft not to support him. The hell he can't. He can tell her to take her scurrilous ass back home and never come around again. He could make a real statement and strongly reject Kraft and everything she symbolizes. Thomas won't do that because he expects the remnants of Kraft's little political machine to help him get elected. I choose to believe he's not cut from the same corrupt cloth as Kraft. But whatever the case, if Thomas doesn't have the guts to say no to Kraft and the insidious school board machine now, why should we believe he'll grow a set once he gets on the board? Now listen, I'm not totally up on Jaemi Levine. Yesterday was one of the first times I've spoken with her. It's true that she was a supporter of Patti Atkins-Grad and wrote a letter to the judge asking for leniency for convicted School Board Member Beverly Gallagher. But she's starting from the right place: Firmly opposed to her predecessor and talking about cleaning corruption out of the board.

My vote: Jaemi Levine.

Okay, there's some of the big races, I'll try to do a second part later, maybe Sunday.

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