One Florida Cop Starts Bar Brawl, While Another Has Sex In Bathroom

Two Putnam County Sheriff's Office deputies are out of a job after pulling some shenanigans and ballyhoo at a local bar that included one of them whipping out his literal gun during a fight, and the other one whipping out his figurative gun in the restroom with a lady.

According to ActionNewsJax.com, the incident occurred at the awesomely named Hi Level Lounge & Package on June 8, prompting an internal investigation by the Putnam County Sheriff's Office.

The report says the ruckus began when detective Joshua Maynard allegedly grabbed a girl's ass. The girl's boyfriend, not being too keen on having his lady's behind groped by another dude, took offense to this and confronted Maynard.

A brawl between the two men soon broke out, with Maynard pulling out his gun while he got boozed up.

When the fight was over, Maynard was kicked out of the bar. But not before he left his gun inside. The owner of Hi Level Lounge & Package returned the weapon to the sheriff's office.

Little did the patrons of Hi Level Lounge & Package know that was not the end of the crazy.

Moments after the fight, some reported to management that they heard a man and woman having sex inside the bar's restroom (classy!)

According to the report, the couple getting it on in the restroom was Detective Raymond Strickland and his girlfriend.

When confronted by the bar's owner, Strickland threw down the Douche Move all entitled cops use: He tossed his badge at the man's face and allegedly said, "Do you know what this is?"

Detective Raymond Strickland: License to Publicly Fornicate On Toilets and Urinals!

Strickland was fired for his actions.

Maynard, who has been with the Putnam County Sheriff's Office since March 2011, was named Detective of the Year in 2012. The man in the fight has yet to press any charges against him.

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