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Only in America: Rothstein and Don King (w/ Mel & Charlie)

Scott Rothstein is going to be back in court today, this time for a hearing in which he's expected to waive any conflicts of interests with his attorney, Marc Nurik. 

This seems like another by-rote formality and, as I have a ton of other reporting to do, I doubt I'll make it out to see the single-chinned, more distinguished-looking Rothstein this time. But I will post the pertinent information on it.

[UPDATE: From the Sun-Sentinel, Rothstein did as expected, telling the judge, "I've known Mr. Nurik for over 30 years, and I've never known him to deviate from his representation of any client, and I wouldn't expect that to start with me."

Also, the newspaper reported that "Rothstein, shackled and wearing a khaki prison uniform, said he's taking medication for an anxiety disorder, as well as for high cholesterol and high blood pressure."] 

Meantime, in a November 29 post, I voiced a wish for a shot of Scott Rothstein and Don King. This morning, Christmas came late when into my email box dropped the photograph above. The date of the shot isn't known, but it was evidently taken in Rothstein's house; note the framed photo of Scott at the far left. Didn't know he had a jukebox, but that's what's behind Rothstein and Crist. And then you have

the pool table in front of them. Add it up and it appears to be Rothstein's rec room.

Rothstein, as reported, was a major sponsor of King's "Valentine's Day Massacre" lightweight championship fight at BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise last year.

-- In other news, School Board Member Stephanie Kraft announced she's not running for a fourth term. This is not a shocker. Kraft told the Sun-Sentinel she "accomplished pretty much everything I wanted to accomplish on the board." Whoa, Mrs. Kraft, what were your goals? To oversee a building orgy to nearly bankrupt the School Board and leave the taxpayers holding $2 billion in unnecessary debt? Or was it to make sure you profited on your elected position via your hubby, Mitch Kraft? Or did you dream of becoming the subject of a corruption investigation? Because you accomplished all three of those things. 

Here's the problem for Kraft: The state has already charged the developer, Bruce Chait, who paid Kraft's husband to help get a School Board fee reduced. The feds and/or the state (both are looking at Kraft) have an easy prima facie case against Kraft already. If Chait rolls, they might as well start typing the indictment.

Really, though, the fact that Kraft's husband was also on the payroll of School Board lobbyist Neil Sterling is the most heinous aspect of this whole thing. Kraft helped push through a horrendous health insurance deal for Sterling's client, Vista, at the same time Mitch Kraft was eating from Sterling's trough. Here's hoping the feds blow that thing out of the water too.  

First things first, though: Attorney David Bogenschutz is supposedly nailing down a plea deal for Kraft's colleague, Beverly Gallagher, who took bribe money from undercover FBI agents. Who knew being a School Board member could be so exciting?

-- Thanks to those who posted here last night the site for those who want to donate to help the people of Haiti. I'm going to the site now and encourage everyone to do what he or she can. You can also help with the relief effort with a contribution here.

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