Orlando Burglar Gets Stuck in Window Bars After Stealing Ham Sandwich

An Orlando man decided to break into a convenience store over the weekend, but he obviously didn't waste much time with the whole planning aspect of the crime.

According to Channel 13 News, Chad Winslow slid through a grease trap located on the roof of Sam's Discount Food Store after the store closed on Saturday. Unfortunately for Slick... er, Winslow, he failed to put together a competent escape route.

Winslow did not break into the cash register but rather "tried to steal two dirty magazines and three packs of cigarettes" before realizing the grease trap was too slippery for him to get out. Left trapped, Winslow, 34, decided his only other option was to break out through the window. Alas, the window was equipped with steel bars too thin for a midget to fit through.

Plan B should have been aborted as well. Winslow, who was later identified as a frequent customer at the food store, got stuck in the bars. Authorities were alerted by motion detectors.

According to Deputy Kent Matherne, who arrived on the scene, Winslow said he was stuck... and had to poop.

Winslow left greasy finger and shoe prints throughout the store. After being pulled out of the window, he was arrested with a ham sandwich in his pocket.

Too bad he's a ham man. If he were a fan of bologna, he'd be going to the right place.

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