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Our Cover Story: Kids Get Tied Down and Shot Up with Drugs at Broward Treatment Center

This week, our cover story in the print edition of New Times is a deep look at the abuse -- both mental and physical -- endured by needy kids at the hands of the very adults paid to help them.

The Citrus Health Network's Pembroke Pines facility first came to light back in August. At the time, attorney's from the Broward Public Defender's office made some shocking allegations about the facility for troubled teens: mainly, the girls and boys were being regularly tied down and shot up with drugs to knock them out.

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According to former residents, the psychotropic medications (called "booty juice" by the residents and staff) were served up with the least provocation. Obviously, the idea that kids were being treated in this fashion struck just about everyone involved as barbaric.

So we spent the last five months speaking with former Citrus residents, their families, and looking through the copious stacks of state filings related to the center.

Our investigation found that the center has a long history of botched compliance with state standards and continue well into the last year.

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