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Our Cover Story: The Backstories of the Teens Who Allegedly Gang-Raped a Friend in Hollywood

This week, our cover story in the print edition of New Times delves into the heinous story of a Hollywood girl who was allegedly stripped, beaten, and held her down by her supposed friends as she was raped by a 19-year-old man.

On November 1, Patricia Montes, 15, and Erica Avery, 16 invited a frenemy over to a home in Hollywood.

What happened next is a horrifying account. A brutal, unprovoked attack, followed by an alleged depraved gang rape that altered the lives of everyone involved.

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Making the crime even more heinous, the girls videotaped the victim being attacked.

Our cover story gives the shocking details:

"You're a pussy!" one of the blond girls shrieked, slamming both fists into Jessica's head. The surprised girl raised her arms to protect her face. "You're an asshole!" the blonds yelled. "You're a ho, and you're not leaving until you fuck Jayvon! Suck his dick, bitch!"

The girls grabbed Jessica and dragged her limp 75-pound form out the back door and down several concrete steps, where they continued to pummel her. Grabbing hold of Jessica's hair, they smashed her head into concrete. One of the boys asked what was happening, and another answered, "They don't like this girl, bro."

The teens eventually allowed the victim to leave the house, without her shoes. She wandered through the streets barefoot, bloodied and beaten.

Why did this happen?

That's exactly what New Times endeavors to figure out. Through dozens of interviews, thorough records searches, and examinations of social media accounts, writer Terrence McCoy illuminates a sick teenaged society in which kids glamourize drugs and sex and demean women -- and amplify it all on Facebook.

Click here for the story, or run out and pick up a print edition.

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