Our Interview With Scott Heide, That Guy Who Made the YouTube Rapping Personal Ad

​Yesterday we brought you a video by SoFloDude86, a guy from South Florida who ditched online dating websites in favor of a custom-made YouTube dating video of him rapping.

Turns out the romantic rhyme-wrangler is 26-year-old Scott Heide, a consultant and grad student from Boca Raton. The video is for real -- he's looking for his "Miss Right," and he really does hope his three-minute rap video will do the trick.

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He said he's studying athletic administration at Nova Southeastern University and, when it comes to his consulting, "I try to just keep it general." Not entirely sure what that indicates, but it sounds mysterious. And mysterious, ladies, is alluring.

Heide said he bailed on the online dating scene after almost two years in the game.

"Basically, ever since I graduated college, it's just been very difficult to meet people," he said. "I was going out on some dates, but there was just no chemistry with the girls I was going out with."

But the video, he said, was his chance to shine.

"It's really hard to stand out. There's so much competition out there. The average girl [on a dating site] could be getting 50 to 100 messages a day," he said, adding that the video was his chance to stand out and convince people he was "genuine and sincere."

And no, there haven't been any dates yet, but he's "gotten a few responses and some Facebook friend requests," so we'll see what develops.

The video took two months to shoot and edit, he said, with the hardest part making sure people didn't think it was "not for real or too corny."

Who's the lovely lady in the video with you?

"She's a friend of mine," he said. "She's actually portraying the Miss Right in the video."

Do you want to date her, I asked.

"She has a boyfriend," he said.

I said that sounded like a nondenial denial. He laughed quietly.

Moving on... I asked what he would do with a million dollars, barring a "donate it" answer, because then he would be lying.

"I would save it," he said. "I'm not a big spender, by any means. I'm very fiscally responsible, and I believe in saving."

Ladies? Anybody need some fiscal responsibility in her life? If so, he said he's got two ideas for a date -- either the "no pressure" coffee-date option or an "action date, like mini golf or ice skating."

His Facebook account has more privacy than most houses, but Heide has a public Twitter account. (Preview: Of his 24 tweets before the video's release, 17 ended in an exclamation point.) The rest of the web seems to be relatively devoid of evidence about him: Came up empty on Palm Beach County criminal cases, and even the Urban Dictionary entry for his last name is nonsensical and unincriminating.

Coffee or mini golf, anyone?

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