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Palm Beach Commissioners' Tentative Agreement to Let Strip Clubs Serve Food Has Some Residents Peeved

Some Palm Beach County residents don't want the county's commissioners green-lighting the easing of strip club restrictions while a new strip club is being built. The restriction changes would allow this strip club, and others in the area, to serve food. But on Thursday, commissioners tentatively agreed to change the county's code so that said strip club being built on Southern Boulevard could also serve food.

Technically, the agreement is to ease restrictions on strip clubs in industrial areas to allow them to serve food. The motivation behind the easing of these restrictions is to keep adult entertainment businesses away from rural areas, near homes, churches, and schools.

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"I would rather have them served food than only liquor and beer," County Commissioner Mary Lou Berger said, via the Sun Sentinel.

But days leading up to the dissuasion of these zoning codes, residents voiced their displeasure through emails, asking commissioners to block any of the changes. Specifically, some residents are troubled over the contraction of the new Double D Ranch and Saloon strip club, which is being built on Southern Boulevard west of the turnpike. Residents are concerned the strip club will bring crime and put a hurting on home values.

The idea seems to be that a strip club that serves food will bring in more customers than a strip club that does not, apparently. And there would be at least another dozen or so adult entertainment businesses that would be allowed to serve food if the proposed rule changes were to take affect.

According to the Palm Beach Post, a lawyer and zoning expert representing Double D Ranch has been meeting with commissioners to argue the merits of changing the zoning codes.

The lawyer, Marin Perry, met with several commissioners on at least two occasions. But log visits kept by the county government building says he met them recording something called S&J Crazy Lizards, which is somehow connected to Double D.

From the Palm Beach Post:

A search of Florida corporations records turned up a S&J Crazy Lizards Entertainment, LLC.

From here, it gets a little twisty.

One of the people listed in the records as being affiliated with Crazy Lizards Entertainment is Scott Lizza, manager of Monroe's of Palm Beach and manager of Southern Steak House, LLC.

Southern is listed in records as the owner of the Double D.

Meanwhile, Perry told the Sun Sentinel that Double D Ranch will open whether the food permit is given or not.

"This facility is going to be built. There is no question about that," he said.

The proposal is up for a final vote on January 29.

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