Palm Beach Cops Being Investigated for Possible Steroids Charges, According to Report

Some deputies at the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office might be going the A-Rod route (allegedly!) and getting jacked up with illegal steroids, according to a Gossip Extra report.

The report says that the FBI and the DEA are conducting a major investigation into the possible juicing of some of Palm Beach County's finest.

Gossip Extra cites "high-level" sources that claim that in the past few weeks, the feds have raided several pharmacies and doctors offices and seized the medical records of as many as 500 West Palm Beach cops and other Palm Beach County departments, the report says.

The report also says that a West Palm Beach officer who is facing charges has turned informant for the feds to help them crack down what is allegedly some kind of illegal steroid distribution ring.

Word is that a West Palm Beach cop busted for the second time and facing serious charges was offered a deal by federal prosecutors to help dismantle the wide network of illegal steroid distribution.

This would mark the second time the West Palm Beach Police Department got nicked for steroids. In 2005, 13 cops were suspended and one officer was cleared after a steroids crackdown.

"It's about steroids, but that's all we know," the source at PBSO tells Gossip Extra about this current reported investigation.

"It's a federal thing. They're keeping us out of the loop."

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