Withdrawal Bandit: A familiar face
Withdrawal Bandit: A familiar face

Palm Beach Cops Finally Nab Serial "Withdrawal Bandit"

Serial bank robbery was one of South Florida's favorite new sports this summer, and the game turned out to be surprisingly polite and thankfully bloodless.

Police announced today that they've taken one pair of our local Bonnie & Clydes off the street. An unusually calm man, who has now confessed to robbing a dozen banks in Palm Beach County to fuel his Oxycodone habit, is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail. And so is the woman who's acted as his getaway driver.

Glenn Hooper and his girlfriend Kimberly Smith, both in their early 50s, were spotted by a teller this morning who thought she'd been previously robbed by Hooper at the Sterling Bank on Hypoluxo Road in Lantana. Hooper evidently changed his mind, and the pair had made a U-turn to leave the bank's parking lot as bank officials phoned police.

Hooper and Smith, both of Hollywood, were pulled over and apprehended shortly on I-95. We'll update with new info as we get it.


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