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Palm Beach County Dispatcher Who Emailed Himself Pictures of Coworker's Breasts Resigns

Omar Trevino, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's dispatcher who got into his female coworker's cell phone that she left lying around so he could email himself pictures of her flashing her breasts, has resigned from his position.

Back in July, the female employee claimed that Trevino, 31, swiped her phone while she was away from her desk.

He then went into her phone and sent himself an email pic of her and another female dispatcher exposing their breasts before going into her "sent" folder and deleting the evidence.

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Trevino was arrested and charged with unlawful use of a computer or cellular phone.

Just last week, Trevino agreed to pretrial diversion, and the case was dropped. He then emailed a letter of resignation to his bosses, the thicket of irony not withstanding.

The details of the pretrial diversion have not been revealed.

At the time of his arrest, Trevino had admitted to doing this kind of thing with other coworkers.

But this time around, he decided to show a male coworker a photo of the two female dispatchers exposing their breasts.

Sheriff's communications officer John Campbell met with police in June to report the incident. When he asked Trevino, who has been a dispatcher since 2009, how he got the pictures, he told Campbell he got them when the female employee went on a break.

Trevino also admitted to cops that he goes through female coworkers' phones all the time when they leave them lying around next to him at work.

Detectives then met with Trevino, who admitted that he attached "several" pictures of her exposing herself in an email and sent it from her Google account to his Yahoo account.

The affidavit says the women told police they took the boobs photo as a joke at a Christmas party.

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