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Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Leading Voters to Closed Polling Place (Updated)

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Banyan Creek Elementary School in Delray Beach is a polling place that's open for voting in today's primary. But when voters from a couple of precincts get there, they're greeted by this sign, turning them away:

Notice anything funny in the picture above?

Two things stick out to us:

1. The sign clearly refers to the "MARCH 13TH ELECTION." Ken Schoenberg, the voter who mailed in the photo above, writes, "The site on the sign is NOT a voting location today. This is especially confusing because all of the precinct numbers recently changed for this election."

2. The campaign sign next to this one is for the incumbent supervisor of elections, Susan Bucher, who was responsible for all this confusion.

Bucher's website lists Banyan Creek as an open location. It does not list the Barwick Road church.

We'll reach out to her office for comment and update as necessary.

Update: Bucher called to let us know that the sign was placed there by the municipality of Delray Beach -- where her opponent in the election, she notes, is mayor -- and not by her office. "That happens to be my voting location," she says. "It's around the corner from my home. That's not something that we posted today." She said that the sign had been removed as soon as the complaints reached her staff.

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