Palm Beach County Got Smacked by Isaac

We had been telling you all throughout the weekend that, while Miami-Dade and Broward County schools were closed today due to Tropical Storm Isaac, Palm Beach County schools would remain open.

And then Isaac came and Palm Beach County ended up with 54,000 people without power -- the most out of all three counties.

That'll learn ya, Palm Beach.

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When Palm Beach residents went to take their kids to school this morning, they found their homes were suddenly oceanview around the entire home.

Sheets of heavy rain swept through Palm Beach late last night into early this morning. At 1 a.m., the School Board finally announced that schools had been closed, screwing a lot of parents into scrambling to figure out child-care and babysitting situations.

Isaac also dumped more than 8 to 10 inches of rain in southeast Palm Beach, triggering flood warnings throughout.

A tornado was reported late Sunday afternoon in Lake Worth, reportedly knocking down trees and blowing up some transformers in the process (not the cars that turn into robots, although that would be pretty cool). The funnel reportedly touched down two blocks north on 16th Avenue North. There were no injuries reported.

FPL spokesman Peter Robbins says crews are continuing the work to restore service and are making good progress.

So while Isaac didn't exactly harvest our organs, as the local TV stations wanted us to believe, he was still a pretty big, wet pain in the ass, all things considered.

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