Palm Beach County Human Rights Council Endorses Obama

The Palm Beach County Human Rights Council, a group dedicated to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, have released their list of candidates they're endorsing.

Among them, President Barack Obama, West Palm Beach Attorney and police officer Dave Kerner, Susan Bucher, Patrick Murphy, Alcee Hastings, and Ted Deutch.

The Council is also urging supporters to vote "NO" on all eleven proposed Constitutional Amendments appearing on the November ballot.

Or, basically, as we see it, vote the opposite of how the Christian Family Coalition is voting.

All endorsements after the jump.

The candidates endorsed by the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council Voters Alliance who were elected (or re-elected) to serve in the following offices include:

● State Senator (District 27) - Jeff Clemens
● State House of Representatives (District 87) - David Kerner
● Clerk of the Circuit Court - Sharon Bock
● Property Appraiser - Gary Nikolits
● Supervisor of Elections - Susan Bucher
● Circuit Court Judge (Group 9) - Ron Alvarez
● Circuit Court Judge (Group 26) - James L. Martz
● County Court Judge (Group 4) - Peter M. Evans
● County Court Judge (Group 6) - Edward A. Garrison

Congratulations to all of these great public officials!

Several of our endorsed candidates face challengers in the general election on November 6. They include:

● President - Barack Obama
● U.S. Congress District 18 - Patrick Murphy
● U.S. Congress District 20 - Alcee Hastings
● U.S. Congress District 21 - Ted Deutch
● U.S. Congress District 22 - Lois Frankel
● State Senate (District 25) - Joseph Abruzzo
● State House of Representatives (District 81) - Kevin Rader
● State House of Representatives (District 85) - David Lutrin
● State House of Representatives (District 86) - Mark S. Pafford
● State House of Representatives (District 89) - Bill Hager (R)
● State House of Representatives (District 90) - Lori B. Berman
● State House of Representatives (District 91) - Irving "Irv" Slosberg
● State Attorney - Dave Aronberg
● Tax Collector - Anne M. Gannon
● County Commissioner (District 1) - David J. Levy
● County Commissioner (District 3) - Rochelle (Shelley) M. Van
● County Commission (District 5) - Mary Lou Berger
● School Board (District 1) - Christine Jax
● Port of Palm Beach (Group 1) - Wayne Richards
● Palm Beach County Soil and Water Conservation District (Group 2) - Drew Martin

In addition, the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council Voters Alliance has endorsed the retention of three Justices on the Florida Supreme Court:

● Justice R. Fred Lewis
● Justice Barbara J. Parents
● Justice Peggy Quince

The Council is also urging our supporters to vote "NO" on all eleven proposed Constitutional Amendments appearing on the November ballot.

The Council promotes equality, through education, advocacy, direct action, impact litigation, and community outreach.

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