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Palm Beach County Voters Still Waiting on Absentee Ballots

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about how 60,000 Palm Beach County absentee ballots got screwed up by a printing error, and how said ballots had already been mailed out to voters, and visions of the nightmare that was the election of 2000 are dancing in everyone's heads.

Well, now there's a new problem. Namely, that many have yet to receive their ballot, even though election day is about two weeks away.

Of 137,754 absentee ballots requested, about 3,000 have yet to be mailed out.

On Tuesday, several temporary workers spent hours inside a warehouse in Riviera Beach hand-copying absentee ballots that had been jacked up by the printing error.

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Meanwhile Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher says she's shocked (SHOCKED!) that many are claiming they have yet to receive their ballot. Bucher has hired extra workers to hand-copy roughly 27,000 absentee ballots. The main problem is that tabulating voting machines can't read the sullied ballots.

Those who have called to complain or ask where their ballots are have been told that the blame lies with the printing error.

Meanwhile, attorneys from both the Obama and Romney campaigns have been monitoring the hand-copying procedure, which has been going on since Monday. The attorneys have been videotaping the proceedings.

Bucher told the media that the printing error had no impact on other absentee ballots, and says that workers from both parties have been hired to hand-copy each ballot, as well as a quality control team to oversee things. The process is expected to take several weeks.

Bucher also added that corrected ballots were mailed to about 10,000 voters on October 13. New ballots have continued to be mailed since.

Susan Bucher did not return phone calls from New Times for comment.

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