Palm Beach Health Department Says Employee Stole Patient Names, Social Security Numbers

Palm Beach County Health Department on Friday warned that an employee accessed patient files and stole dozens of names and social security numbers as part of an identify theft scam. 

Officers confiscated a list that included 86 names and social security numbers of former patients, but it seems the scam may have hit dozens more.  

A statement from the Health Department noted that some former patients' names and social security numbers were already used for fraudulent activity.

Health officials are trying to contact all patients whose personal data were exposed, but said they haven't been able to reach everyone. 

If you're reading this, had been serviced by the Palm Beach Health Department and recently had your identity boosted, you should probably give the department a call.  

While the department was mum on the investigation, it did note that the person responsible has been blocked from accessing any and all department files. Phew. 

One would imagine that stealing patient information and then committing fraud violates all types of HIPAA laws, including the HIPAA Privacy Rule and the HIPAA Security Rule. 

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