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Palm Beach Lakes High Substitute Teacher Gets Into Fight With Student

A substitute teacher at Palm Beach Lakes High School has reportedly been fired after he allegedly got into a brawl with a student at the school. The fight was caught on a cell phone camera by another student.

The incident occurred back on November 8, around 2 p.m.

The video depicts an unnamed student and the substitute teacher standing nose to nose before the student shoves the teacher, known to students as "Mr. Smith," or "Smitty."

The student then punches "Mr. Smith," and the teacher retaliates by tackling the student, and then chasing him until the buy runs out of the classroom.

"A teacher should, you know, stand up for himself, but not to go on ahead and you know. I'm speechless right now," said Darrel Phillips, a Palm Beach Lakes High senior, told WPTV.

The Palm Beach County School District has offered no information about the fight, citing the incident being part of an ongoing investigation.

"The incident is being investigated, and no report or further comment is available since the investigation remains open," wrote spokesperson Nat Harrington in an emailed statement.

Students interviewed by WPTV told the station that students liked "Mr. Smith" and that the student involved in the fight should have shown the teacher the proper respect.

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