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Palm Beach Police Animal Interactions: Burglar Befriends Terrible Guard Dog, Cop Saves Stupid Turtle

We've got a twofer of animal stories out of Palm Beach County. The first is from Delray Beach: According to police, two men tried to break into a house on Swinton Avenue on May 17 by chucking a brick through a window but fled when they discovered the windows were hurricane glass and therefore not really good for climbing through because they wouldn't break.

One of the men was caught on a security camera petting the victim's dog, which you'd have thought would at least be growling or barking or anything other than hanging out with the criminals.

Delray Beach Police ask you to call Det. Gary Ferreri at 561-243-7868 if you recognize the man pictured.

The other story comes from the Boynton Beach Police Department's Facebook page and features one police officer's noble fight against natural selection.

According to the post, this nice little turtle was trying its very hardest to just end it all yesterday morning -- just strut out in traffic, make all his turtle troubles go away. Either that or the turtle just didn't know that the road is a good place for little turtles to turn into crunchy green pancakes.

In any case, the officer in the picture spotted him in the road and took him over to the sidewalk, which the turtle responded to by walking back out into the road.

But Officer Reynolds wasn't going to let this feller go -- not on his watch. He tossed the thing in the back of his cruiser and dropped it in a canal.

So rest assured, dumb turtles of Boynton Beach -- even if you can't figure out that cars kill turtles, the police want to make sure you live another day to pass on those inferior genes.

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