Palm Beach Post Cuts Coffee, Pages

So they've cut off free coffee at the Palm Beach Post now? That's the word from Pulp sources. It's only the least substantial (but perhaps most symbolic and short-sighted) cut happening at the newspaper, including about a dozen pages a week from the printed product. Call it the Other Incredible Shrinking Newspaper. Editor John Bartosek, aka "Bart," posted the following on the newspaper's bulletin boards late last week:



Tom's note last week on reducing newsprint consumption said we'll make some changes in sections. I explained a few of those things at a meeting today with some metro editors and reports, and I want to let the rest of you know about it as well.

You'll see most of these changes in the next 4-6 weeks.

- Combine Local and Biz sections a few days a week. Many of you who've been here a while remember that we did this regularly for years.

- Combine Sports and Classified sections a few days a week. That, too, is something that we did often for many years.

- Take about a dozen pages a week out of the paper. Most of that will come from the A Section and Sports, generally the two largest sections, and a little will come from TGIF.

- Eliminate the Sunday Biz section by moving the best features to other days.

- Drop zoning on the weekly Food section and move it to Wednesday distribution. That'll save us some production time.

- Reconfigure the NPost zones to reduce the number of them, which again should save production time.

We're looking at a number of other possible changes involving stocks, TVPost, Comics, and Sunday Opinion, but no decisions have been made on changes there yet.


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