Palm Beach Post Shake-Up Coming

Once again, there's a major reorganization happening at the Palm Beach Post. This time, all the editors and managers are being forced to reapply for their positions, and job titles are changing. Among the new titles: "Watchdog Editor," "Money Editor," and "Multimedia Editor," according to a source at the newspaper. 

A commenter yesterday reported on this blog that six of the 23 managers will lose their jobs by August 14, but I couldn't get that confirmed.

In other news, the Sun-Sentinel finally picked up on the AshBritt ripoff story at the Broward County School Board. And the reporters, Akilah Johnson and Paula McMahon, also picked up an email from School Board construction chief Michael Garretson in which he says he was "totally disgusted" after reading the audit report. Same here, Michael. It is pretty disgusting how you allowed taxpayers to get hosed on this deal. But before you get all red-faced and indignant and try to kill the messenger, maybe you should just factually refute the report. Your innuendo only makes you look like a little bit like a blustering buffoon.

Then there's the arrest affidavit on Tyler Weinman, the alleged cat killer. It's a strange document. The case against him, brought by Miami-Dade Det. Dominick Columbro, is entirely circumstantial and largely psychological. Columbro goes as far as to write that, based on his discussion with a staff doctor in the department's Psychological Services Section, he believes Weinman is a sociopath. Maybe the kid had cat scratch fever, as scratches on his body are part of the aforementioned circumstantial evidence, along with his fascination with dissecting cats, a craft he learned at Palmetto Senior High School. Weinman is described as eager and excited as he talks with detectives about the sound of a cat's flesh being torn and the fact that cat corpses for dissection aren't available in America; you have to go to Mexico for them. It's interesting reading, and there's some pretty compelling stuff about Weinman's movements and actions in the middle of the night in the areas where cats were killed, but it's definitely not a home-run case. More like a squibber up the middle. And it'll make a hell of a trial if it goes that far. 

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